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Magic is a form of energy which plays by no rules, chaotic and limitless. Over time it can warp and corrupt living things, and is believed to have created a great many creatures from scratch, but humans have proven resilient to the corruption, even to the point of uncovering a method by which a select few are able to channel this energy and shape it as they see fit, in an act known as Enchantment.

All known non-human animal life has been gradually corrupted by magic since its appearance, and it has created yet more creatures of pure magic. These two groups are called Beasts and Demons, though there is rarely any effort to differentiate between the two.

Despite humans being resilient to the corruption of magic, rapid intake of it or materials corrupted by it can cause severe illness as the body fights out the contaminant, leaving the victim weakened for some time. It is because of this that edible meat is so hard to gain access to.


Hunters of Letrua Dlover