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Enchantment is the term used for the act of channeling and shaping Magic. The enchanter’s will and intention are what give purpose to the energy, drawing it into their body in its raw form and expelling the refined energy. This shaping quickly dissolves to its original state, but it is possible to create lasting enchantments through the use of symbols and runes.

An enchanted rune is a physical sign of its enchanter’s will, a constant draw for magic which will continue to shape the energy until the symbol is broken. In order for this to work, though, the rune must be a a representation of the enchanter’s will, an image they innately associate with the effect. How this occurs is unknown, but there are theories that the symbol holds a shard or reflection of the mind of the person to fill it with magic, a constant reminder to the world of that action.

Enchanted objects can be dangerous, though. As a result of the dependency upon the enchanter’s intention, the effect of a symbol can be hard to predict, as two enchanters may use different runes for the same result, or even the same symbol for different effects. It is because of this that it is advised enchanted objects are not handled without prior knowledge of them or a close examination by one able to examine the flow of magic, a trait more rare than the ability to enchant, but one possible to instill into objects by the most skilled.

Enchantments can be applied to living beings as well as objects. There is remarkably little difference between the two forms of recipient, though living flesh is able to hold fewer strands of magic, and all attempts of permanent enchantment on humans has resulted in magic entering the body faster than the body can sustain, causing death within a matter of hours.


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