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  • Allisandra

    Despite her apparent age, Allisandra is evidently skilled with blades and with a fondness for violence. She has a tendency to speak excessively around those she feels comfortable with, and insists they call her Allie.

  • Marie Colson

    One of the two people in charge of the arena, along with Tor, specifically managing all things enchantment. Marie is talented in enchantment focused on spacial manipulation and teleportation, and has learned many other things, especially perception. …

  • Lar

    Despite his cold exterior he is truly observant of the world around him, his blazing soul represented by his sword, enchanted to set flame to anything it cuts.

  • Tor Colson

    One of the managers of the arena along with Marie, Tor takes care of managing people and money. An enchanter with a talent for manipulation of Time, Tor can do what others cannot. Even with his talent, Tor is only able to accelerate or decelerate time …

  • Mac

    Mac is gladiator in the arena, pairing with Alice, who he seems to treat as a sister of sorts. He is remarkably agile and resilient, but also tends to get careless and show off, much to Alice's displeasure.

  • Alice

    Alice works as a gladiator in the arena, pairing with Mac to the exclusion of lucrative job offers, claiming she has to be around to make sure nothing happens to him.  She seems to possess truly incredible strength, in that any who don't see …

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