Sex: Female

Physical description: 16 years old, 5 feet tall, lithe, with a short black bob haircut and grey eyes.

Natural Abilities:
Empathy: Risu has a certain empathy with beasts and demons, but the full extent of this ability is as yet uncertain.

~Leather armour (Rank 1 armour)
~Leather bracers + anklets [Enchanted: Enhance mobility; +15% Evasion]
~1x Stiletto (Rank 1 weapon)
~1x Tanto (Rank 1 weapon)
~1x War Fan (Rank 1 weapon/Utility) (When used for defence, provides a 20% chance to deflect attacks, reducing damage by 50%, but reduces damage of the number of attack the wielder makes by 50%. If the deflection fails, damage is instead reduced by 15%.) [Enchanted: Guardian Shield; Whenever a non-dead Demonbeast is within five metres, this objects hardens against fangs and claws, preventing 15% of damage from all relevant attacks when used defencively.]
~1x Hand crossbow (Rank 2 ranged)
~1x Ammunition Pouch (Holds 10 items) [Enchanted: Recall & Repair assigned items]
—Small bolts (Ammunition)
—Throwing knives (Rank 1 ranged)
~1x Arena Booklet


Background: Risu grew up one of the many street urchins of Hirakuya, but unlike the rest she refused to resort to crime and thievery as the majority of her peers were prone to do. She earnt the coin she needed to survive through acrobatic street performances, and onselling vendor items. Her onselling, although legal, often earnt her the ire of merchants and their bodyguard, which through necessity led to a heightened skill in climbing and evasion. This in turn spawned her nickname of Risu, meaning ‘Squirrel’, in the absence of any given birth name, or one she knew of. She is not a gladiator by choice; instead serving a punishment doled out by a greedy merchant enraged with Risu undermining his profits who finally caught the Squirrel, but too cowardly to kill a child himself.

Personality and attributes: Risu has all the street smarts of an urchin; skeptical, shrewd, untrusting and cunning. She has excellent acrobatic skill, having performed as a gymnast and contortionist, and is also an excellent climber.

Combat style: Risu favours evasion wherever possible, if not hiding or avoiding the fight completely then at least staying out of range and using her speed and agility to find an advantage. She utilises small weapons she can conceal, and ranged weapons eg. hand crossbows, throwing daggers, kukris, stilettos, shiruken etc.


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