Ollrith Bowman


Sex: Male

Physical description: About 6 feet tall, tanned with sun-bleached light brown hair and hazel eyes.

Natural Abilities:

~Leather Armour + Light metal plating (Rank 2 armour)
~2x Bladed Gauntlets (Rank 1 weapon) (Wolverine-style blades) [Enchanted: Venom on Strike; Target takes 15% damage per action, to a maximum of 30%]
~1x Ammunition Pouch (Holds 10 items) [Enchanted: Recall & Repair assigned items]
—Throwing knives (Rank 1 ranged)
~1x Healing ‘Watch’ [Enchanted: Patch Up; While the needle is inside the green zone, if a human holding or wearing this item has a wound (human target), this item aids in the regeneration factor of the body and restore injured areas of the person.
If human target has harmful (to the human target) or deadly (to any human) organisms in their body then this will destroy all harmful/deadly organisms. This item also helps with the human target’s immune system. Any beneficial organisms are ignored.

If in red zone, the enchantments stop until it is in the green zone. ]
~1x Arena Booklet
~1x firekit (Flint and tinder)
~1x sewing kit
~1x binoculars
~1x fishing set (Rod, hooks, bait)
~1x axe (leather cover over the head)
~2x 10m Rope
~1x Whistle
~1x Mirror
~1x Metal Plating set
~1x pack
~4 weeks Food
~1x bottle alcohol,
~4x bandages
~2 sets clothing
~1x tent
~1x tarp
~1x sleeping bag
~1x flask (water)
~1x pan


Lean, fast and strong, Ollrith is a talented fighter for his 18 years. He grew up hearing tales about how his grandmother once fought demons along the Letruan border, and the strange sights and creatures she encountered. Ever since then, the desire to follow in his grandmother’s footsteps has driven him to try and a place of his own amongst the guards. He has happily dedicated himself to honing his fitness, and learning to fight. His parents were never completely comfortable with sending their son into such a dangerous profession, but when it became apparent that there was absolutely nothing else in the world that held his interest, they instead did what they could to help him prepare for life as a guard, however difficult it might be to actually achieve. Having studied martial arts as a boy, he has a preference for hand-to-hand fighting styles that allow him to get close to his opponent and take them down with a precision strike. With twin younger brothers, he has certainly had plenty of wrestling practice… Now, he hopes he’ll be able to prove himself in the gladiatorial ring and get himself noticed by a recruiter.

He’s not the smartest guy in the world, and he has almost no interest in academic learning. But, he has a passion for learning anything and everything he can get his hands on about demons and runes and magic. His ambition is what drives him, and has given him a confidence and cheerfulness that comes with the absolute certainty that he will eventually achieve what he wants.

Ollrith Bowman

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