Gender: Female

Natural Abilities:
Resilience: Korga seems to recover quickly from venom. Far more quickly than a normal person should.

~Leather Armour + Light metal plating (Rank 2 armour)
~2x Long Karambit (Rank 1 weapons)
~1x Ammunition Pouch (Holds 10 items) [Enchanted: Recall & Repair assigned items]
— 10x Throwing knives (Rank 1 ranged weapon) [Enchanted: Burden on Hit; Target receives a -10% penalty to Evasion per hit. When a creature’s evasion reaches -10% it becomes immobilised] (Personal Item)
~1x Healing ‘Watch’ [Enchanted: Patch Up; While the needle is inside the green zone, if a human holding or wearing this item has a wound (human target), this item aids in the regeneration factor of the body and restore injured areas of the person.
If human target has harmful (to the human target) or deadly (to any human) organisms in their body then this will destroy all harmful/deadly organisms. This item also helps with the human target’s immune system. Any beneficial organisms are ignored.

If in red zone, the enchantments stop until it is in the green zone. ]
~1x Arena Booklet
~1x Hammer
~50x Nails
~1x Drawing Kit (Quills, and red, blue, brown, and grey ink)
~1x Paper Folder
~1x Whistle
~1x Mirror
~1x Metal Plating set
~1x pack
~4 weeks Food
~1x bottle alcohol,
~4x bandages
~2 sets clothing
~1x tent
~1x tarp
~1x sleeping bag
~1x flask (water)
~1x pan
~1x Map (Ruins)
~1x Map (Close surroundings)


Korga is disciplined in all aspects of her life, tending towards the bookish, but maintaining a nimble and lithe physique through daily exercises. Her studies in the small village she grew up in outstripped the available learning resources… just as her interest was getting piqued. She is driven to excellence, seeking a deep understanding and mastery of any task set before her… occasionally to her detriment as she becomes so focused on one aspect that she tends to be blinded to other issues. She hopes through joining the gladiatorial games that she will have an opportunity to expand her experiences and learning… as well as a chance to use and examine concepts and materials that she hasn’t been able to experience first hand.

Her combat style would tend towards being as well prepared as possible, and favoring speed and agility over brute strength and power.


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