Gender: Male

Appearance: Has a well trimmed dark beard, hair, and sideburns. He looks to be slightly more scrawny than the average person. He has a a red undershirt with a grey vest with many pockets, along with a long black coat that reaches his knees. He has black pants with many pockets in them.

Natural Abilities:
Talented: Julius naturally bears the abilities of an enchanter, meaning he can engrave runes into objects and fill those runes with energy, giving them special effects. These effects can be applied to the living without the use of runes, but only for a short time.

~Leather armour (Rank 1 armour)
~Jacket [Enchanted: Perception Filter; The wearer of this item is hard to be detected by beasts or demons. When beasts or demons look away from the wearer, they are less likely to remember where they saw the wearer.]
~Spear (Rank 3 weapon)
~Bow (Rank 2 ranged weapon)
~1x Throwing knife (Rank 1 Ranged Weapon, 1 strike)
~1x Teleportation Rod [Enchanted: Speech activated Teleportation; “Target” to select target, “Destination” to send target to destination, with anything held. Maximum range: 100m between target and destination.]
~1x Ammunition Pouch (Holds 10 items) [Enchanted: Recall & Repair assigned items]
—10x arrows (Ammunition)
~1x “Monster Compass”
~1x Arena Booklet
~5x Candles
~1x Lamp
~1x Whistle
~1x Mirror
~1x Metal Plating set
~1x pack
~4 weeks Food
~1x bottle alcohol,
~4x bandages
~2 sets clothing
~1x tent
~1x tarp
~1x sleeping bag
~1x flask (water)
~1x pan

~1x Glass Bird [Enchanted: Designated Location; Using the compass from the first enchantment, If given a direction and disrance the object will guide itself to that direction. The object will guide itself to the distance.
Acceptable key words:
Fly distance and direction (or direction and distance)
Go distance and direction (or vise versa)
Move distance and direction (same as above)

Designated Person; If there is no designated location from the second enchantment, then the object will target a person. It will guide itself to that person to the best of it’s capabilities. If no person has been selected, then the creator (Julius) will be selected.
Acceptable key words
Fly to person
Find person
go to person
move to person

Flight Enchantment; If this enchantment has been issued a command or is in the air, it moves it’s wings up and down towards the designated area from enchantments Designated Location, and Designated Person. ]

~Shatterball (clay): Enchanted with four three runes:
Rune 1: Effect 1: Shape of this object stays firm enough to hold its form unless other enchantments on here say otherwise
Effect 2: When in air this object ignores air resistance (enhance speed/range)
Effect 3: When in air this object is lighter (enhanced range)

Rune 2:Effect 1: This object aims twoards nearest non dead beasts/demons/mortvivir’s heads/eyes and body if creature does not have eyes
Effect 2: When this object touches anything affected by R2E1 (or R2e1 creatures) it produces shock damage
Effect 3: When this object is within 2 inches from anything affected by r2e1 it conjures sand in their face

Rune 3: Effect 1: This enchantment will replace settings of those enchantments based on targeting R2E1 creatures by either R4E2 or R4E3 for 5 minuites.
Effect 2: When someone that holds this object says ‘aim at’ and points or throws at any creature or object it will use that as the target.
Effect 3: When someone that holds this object says ‘default’ it will go back to it’s default setting


He has never saw a demon up close, let alone fight them. He wishes to see what weaknesses they have if any by closely observing them. He thinks that the demon’s blood and bones can be used for better magic, but this is merely a theory he has never got to practice or seen practiced.


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