The self-declared "Queen of suffering," one of the arena's instructors, and possibly the most childish among them, despite the young age of some of her coworkers. If left with nothing to do she quickly begins harassing others, and has no regard for personal boundaries.

Physically, Malis is considered by many men to be the most beautiful woman to be found in the town surrounding the arena, though other women often say that is only because she is quite buxom and seems to enjoy showing as much skin as she can while still being decent.  Beyond that, though, her white skin shows no blemishes, black hair seems almost to be made of silk, and her hazel-coloured eyes seem so deep as to drag in those who stare for too long, making it hard to dispute her beauty without simply seeming jealous.
Even as some say her attraction is only drawn from her flaunting of her body, the only person who is considered to have the potential to match her is Alice, one of the arena's fighters.



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