Loki "Boarstrangler"


gender: male

short description: Loki is quite tall and a hunk of man (though he says he’s the runt of his family), with muscles all over his body, shaggy long untidy (think rasta locks) hair that might have been bonde, but it has been dyed – with the blood of his enemies, as Loki claims – to a darker color. His piercing blue eyes are quite watchful and attentive and to the patient observer betray that he’s more than the dumb brute he likes to pretend to be sometimes, so people will underestimate him.

Natural Abilities:

Trained Skills (Skill(rank): Current/needed xp (Effect):
Combat(2): 5/9 (4% increase to damage dealt and evasion chance, 4% decrease damage taken, 20% chance for 1 extra hit)
Medical(2): 0/9 (Character can use two hands to apply treatment mid-battle, restoring 10%hp or reducing status timers by 1. Consumes a turn’s action and halves evasion of medic and target.)
Survival(1): 5/6 (Influences chance of success in tasks relating to survival)
Blacksmithing(1): 0/6 (No influence yet)
Beast Anatomy(1): 0/6 (5% chance for each hit on a beast to deal double damage)
Enchantment(1): 2/7 (No influence yet)
Herbalism(1): 0/6 (Character can identify most plants which are known to be edible or toxic)
Toughness(1): 3/6 (5% reduction to incoming damage)
Strength(0): 2/6 (No effect yet)

~Leather Armour + Light metal plating (Rank 2 armour)
~Leather bracers + anklets [Enchanted: Enhance mobility; +15% Evasion]
~Halberd (Rank 3 weapon) [Enchanted: Heaviness; Struck targets suffer a -5% evasion penalty per hit. When a target’s evasion reaches -10% they become immobilised.]
~Bow (Rank 2 ranged)
~1x Ammunition Pouch (Holds 10 items) [Enchanted: Recall & Repair assigned items]
—Arrows (Ammunition) [Enchanted: Heaviness; Struck targets suffer a -5% evasion penalty per hit. When a target’s evasion reaches -10% they become immobilised.]
~1x Arena Booklet
~1x Healing ‘Watch’ [Enchanted: Patch Up; While the needle is inside the green zone, if a human holding or wearing this item has a wound (human target), this item aids in the regeneration factor of the body and restore injured areas of the person.
If human target has harmful (to the human target) or deadly (to any human) organisms in their body then this will destroy all harmful/deadly organisms. This item also helps with the human target’s immune system. Any beneficial organisms are ignored.

If in red zone, the enchantments stop until it is in the green zone. ]

~1x Gladiator model (Bears a resemblance to Loki)
~2x Rottina Figurines


He’s always on the prowl, always looking for weakness, for that little chink in the chains, a flaw in his opponent’s behaviour, or their technique, or even their morales – Loki will use pretty much any means to gain the advantage – that will give him the little edge over an equal or even stronger opponent.

Loki "Boarstrangler"

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